Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity

You need to turn on the dialer to make calls. Usually you don't forget to turn it off, but sometimes you accidentally keep it on which costs you for the server rent.

So to save your pocket we came up with a new feature "Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity". It auto stops the dialer if there are no calls, no agent activity on the dialer.


Even more capacities: 15 seater, 30 seater, 60 seater

We are pleased to announce availability of 15, 30 and 60 seat dialers in single server configuration, in addition to the existing 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 capacities. This allows you to add capacity in easier steps.

Servers can be combined together to create capacities up to 440 agents. Each of these dialers have 5 lines per agent.  

Pricing and Plans

$0.5/hour525$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$1/hour1050$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$1.5/hour1575$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$2/hour20100$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$3/hour30150$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$4/hour40200$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$6/hour60300$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$8/hour80400$0.0099/minuteSingle Server
$16/hour152800$0.0099/minuteMaster + Slave
$24/hour2241200$0.0099/minuteMaster + 2 Slaves
$32/hour2961600$0.0099/minuteMaster + 3 Slaves
$40/hour3682000$0.0099/minuteMaster + 4 Slaves
$48/hour4402400$0.0099/minuteMaster + 5 Slaves
  1. All lines on a plan are available even if all agents are not logged in.
  2. Minutes rate is for USA/Canada/UK Fixed. Other destinations are as per tariff


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