Email Alert on Dialer Start/Stop

Your dialer may be started automatically (using the auto-start-stop feature) or you may have asked your manager to do so manually. However, we find customers having to log in twice a day to ensure that the dialer has been started or stopped.

To avoid this we have introduced a new feature viz. "Email Alert on Dialer Start/Stop" which will send an alert email after your dialer is started and stopped. You will find this feature in "Auto start stop" section of "Manage Servers" tab.
Email alert on dialer start/stop
Usage -
Select the server from the drop-down menu for which you want to receive the alert and click on submit to enable the feature. Entry will be seen for the respective server as below. "disable" removes the alert entry and you won't be receiving any alerts.

Email alert entry for a server

P.S. - Emails on dialer start/stop will be sent to
For e.g. - a warmconnect dialer with user xyz will get the email on In most cases this has already been forwarded to your personal email id.

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