Listening and Barging in Vicidial

Listening and Barging is commonly used to listen into the agents conversation by the VICIdial administrator. In "Listen" the administrator can only listen to the conversations of the agent but in "Barge" administrator can speak with both agent and the customer.
Detailed below is one of the procedures to use call barging and listening in the dialer.
Lets say we want to perform listening with a sip phone configured with cc710 phone account.
1. Configure cc710 on a SIP phone and just register the SIP phone to the WarmConnect dialer.

2. Now login as administrator into the dialer and navigate to Reports sections located at bottom on the left hand side.

3. Click on Listen link located next to "Real-Time SIP" options in the reports page. This will open up Realtime campaign summary.

4. At the top click on "Choose Report Display Options". Select MONITOR option as "MONITOR" and specify the phone as "710" i.e the phone you configured for listening.

5. Now when you click on "Listen" link besides the agent in conversation, it will ring at phone configured with cc710. On picking up the phone you will be able listen to the conversation.

Updated: Video explaining process

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