Single user dialer based on Vicidial

With the launch of the single user dialer WarmConnect has brought the power of Vicidial to single sales professionals. All features of stock Vicidial are available in the single user dialer, including the ability to create multiple users! Any one of these users should use the dialer at a time, however a second user may use the dialer for light administrative tasks such as real time reporting and call barging/listening. This allows professionals to employ an assistant with ease.

Single user dialers have 3 line outbound calling to US, UK (Fixed) and Canada included in the same low price of USD0.50/hr. Other destinations are as per standard International rate sheet. The price also does not include the dialer calling the agent if you choose to use PSTN aka copper to connect to the dialer.

When you sign up for the demo, you are given a single user dialer. Users can upgrade to multi user dialer with the same interface and with all their data intact, making for an easy upgrade path. These dialers are covered under the affiliate scheme, so spread the word please.

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